Connected Home Services

Nest from Smartphone

Are you ready for the wave of digitally connected home appliances?  Your home AC is just one of the things that will soon get the high-tech treatment.

Nest Thermostat

Dialing the thermostat into the digital age

Silicon Valley Inventory, Tony Fadell, is bringing a modern touch to a old, reliable but also limited device, the thermostat.

Nest from Smartphone

Easy remote control access to your thermostat.

ConEdison of New York is one of the major energy companies rolling out high-tech solutions for your home heating & cooling.

Another big player getting involved in this digital home trend is Verizon, as they’re making “Home Automation Services” available which allow you to control not just your AC, but your home lighting, door locks, surveillance cameras and more all from your SmartPhone or internet connected computer.  Does this get you excited, or nervous?

Interconnected Services

Home Surveillance from your laptop.

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