Tip: If your search goes awry, it might not be your PC

If you’ve ever seen a PC infected with malware then you know what it’s like to have your web browser taken over and your internet searches hijacked by and redirected to ad-plagued websites.  Maybe you’ve unwittingly downloaded MyWebSearch or some other malicious toolbar while trying to get “Free” games and other programs.  These are a serious nuisance and can even be dangerous as some of the more malicious programs steal your private information or try to trick you into buying useless software and basically hold your computer at ransom.

Sometimes though, it isn’t your computer that has been compromised.  Outdated or unsecure routers can be infected with viruses that hijack your web traffic.  USA Today goes in depth on this very problem:



This is something that we can help you with.  Contact us to find out how.


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