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Beware of Scam Domain Listing Invoices

We have seen these scams mailings many times before, and after a client recently brought another one to our attention, we want to share this warning with our customers and visitors, Beware of Scam Domain Listing Invoices.  A quick Google search uncovered a fairly well-written article on this subject by Pennsylvania based digital marketing company, Boom Visibility:

If you are a small business owner who has purchased a domain name, then you may have come across a domain listing scam invoice. The documentation looks legit—the invoice has a Image of phone from Book Visibility article on scam invoiceslogo, an account number, and includes your contact information and domain name.

But beware, these statements are designed to mask their true intentions. The statement may claim to be a registration for your domain name, ensure your site remains active, or optimize your website- however before you write a check, do some investigating!

A quick search of the company name or text from the letter might give you some insight into the legitimacy of the message.

Always consult with an IT Professional before paying for any service you are not certain you have intentionally subscribed to.  TechPro CTS is available for a free consultation, and we offer a full-range of IT services to maintain and upgrade your computers and network systems, and protect you from the countless threats which look to take advantage of businesses which do not have qualified IT professionals managing its services.  Threats such as these invoices, cybersecurity attacks like Ransomware and Phishing, and Scam Calls of various sorts cost American businesses billions of dollars each year.  Contact us today!

Find the full article here:

Beware of Scam Domain Listing Invoices